Norfolk VAG

Yelverton Garage is a tried and trusted independent
garage specialising in VAG repairs & maintenance.

Norfolk VAG

Yelverton Garage is a tried and trusted independent garage specialising in VAG repairs & maintenance.

Years of experience working with Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda.

Routine Servicing

Servicing your vehicle at regular intervals has many benefits including improved handling, a smoother ride, an increased fuel-efficiency and a minimised risk of breaking down. We use genuine parts and we have the ability to update the online servicing records.

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Cam-Belt Replacement

A cambelt must be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer, which is often done at intervals usually from 60,000 miles to 105,000 miles. We alos offer water pump replacement if/when required, using genuine parts from the vehicle manufacturer.

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Brake Fluid Service

This type of service includes a a full fluid level check and a drain and renew using VAG approved brake fluid. We then check the braking system in-depth and record the service in your service book. We also dispose of the old brake fluid in accordance with the environmental regulations.

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Air Conditioning Service

Our air conditioning service consists of an Inspection of the compressor, clutch, drive belts and condenser. We then check the condition of the hoses and the system oil content. We recover, vacuum and recharge the gas, disinfect the evaporator and replace the pollen filter if required.

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A diagnostic check will include a full system health check. The tool will identify all modules connected to your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and individually check for any stored or current faults. We are then able to carry out the relevant work to resolve these issues for you.

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Class 4 MOT’s

The MOT test is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years old.

We provide an ‘any vehicle’ MOT test which allows our customers to bring in any make and model car, in the Class 4 bracket, to be tested at our garage.

We also sell quality vans, light commercial vehicles and cars.

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What our customers say

“Brilliant team, I have had an A3 tdi, an Audi TT and an A4 and always used them.
Unbeatable value and will be visiting again soon with my VW Golf.”

“I’ve been using these guys for 12 years now. Excellent value for money service – everytime”

“Proper, old fashioned good service and knowledgeable staff. If you have a VW or Audi in the area, you would be mad not to use Yelverton. Believe me, I have tried most.”

Courtesy Cars are available upon request.